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Austin: Detective Mystery Game with Mobile App and Audio

Embark on a fun crime-solving detective game to explore Austin. Unlock new locations with the app-based game which combines elements of an audio play, an outdoor escape room, and a murder mystery.


Explore Austin in an exciting way with a mature themed app-based detective game. Become the game’s main character as you solve a mystery and travel to locations throughout the city.
Play a recent graduate of the Detective Academy, called upon to solve a crime in Austin. Your job is to get to the ten locations marked on the map, piece together the evidence, identify the killer, and issue an arrest warrant. As you travel to various locations within the app’s game map, become part of a professionally acted and produced audio story full of intrigue. Head out as a solo detective, with a partner, or in a group. Choose a walking route in Downtown Austin, suited for groups of up to four people, or opt for a driving route covering north or south Austin. You can complete the game at any time and at your own pace.


  • Immerse yourself in an exciting detective game with impressive audio production
  • Piece together clues, collect evidence, and solve puzzles to complete the game
  • Become the main character in a mystery game featuring 16 voiced characters
  • Choose between a driving or walking route to discover Austin in your own way
  • Make the game your own with the flexibility to start and pause the app anytime


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