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Welcome to the land of a thousand lakes, rocky ridges and strawberry sunsets. Lake Fever is camping at its simplest. Guests will enjoy free transportation from Toronto, 3 square meals, and a good old fashioned campfire. Best of all, NO CAMPING EXPERIENCE OR EQUIPMENT NECESSARY (not even a pillow). First-timers will all learn the basics of camping.Join us for 3 days to explore the sheer vastness that is Algonquin Provincial Park, and you’ll experience the natural beauty that people have been talking about worldwide. Campers should be prepared to swim sun-kissed waters, hike to breathtaking lookouts, and canoe/kayak (optional). All in all, you’ll gain access to the great Canadian wilderness, for a trip that would otherwise take a lot of planning and money to arrange.So check Algonquin Provincial Park off of your bucket list. Who knows, this may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.



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