The Parachute Goddess Project Mardi Gras 2020

February 24, 2020

February 25, 2020

7:00 To 16:30

St James Hotel, 330 Magazine St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130, New Orleans, Louisiana, US, 70130

Event Description

I’m so excited about this adventure of empowering all girls and women to embrace their beauty! The concept is a mission! Honestly, one of the most beautiful adventures that’s uplifting, empowering, it will elevate you! And hopefully, educate as well. It is about removing all the stereotype us girls have to endure since a young age we are led to believe we MUST look and act a certain way, to be found beautiful we must dress, act, look, appear, etc, the list goes on endlessly! My mission is to shake the shackles of society! To change the face of beauty! And what better way to do that than construct a parachute skirt to fit everybody! And yes every shape, size, no matter height or weight and I have proven this in New Mexico where I put 8 females in the “Malibu Flye” Parachute from an 8 year to a woman who is a curvy size 20, I hand sewed these parachutes,I have one that is 6ft that will fit toddlers from ages 1-6, I have now made 12 parachutes! And I’m on a mission to get as many females no matter age ( from infants to fine as wine ages, no matter size, weight/height, no matter shape or culture ) I have obtained a great team from a professional make up team to a creative marketing director ( who also won for being nominated in most categories) Adela Hittell who is also founder of Project Human INC along with Casie Ellison founder of Change the face of depression, together we are on a mission to bridge this gap in our unity of sisterhood.

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