Cloud Life Travel Excursion: Cartagena Colombia

February 27, 2020

March 2, 2020

15:00 To 8:00

Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28205, Charlotte, NC, US, 28205

Event Description

What do you value most in life? Is an experience on that list? Do new sights and sounds intrigue you? Then immerse your senses & curiosity in Cloud Life Travel: Cartagena Colombia. 

Explore hundreds of years of culture, take in the sandy beaches and the nightlife of this amazing city. A specially curated list of experiences will be yours to explore. From private 5 star beaches, restaurants, and Hotel, exclusive yacht parties and cultural tours. Prepare to overload your senses and experience the excitement and enjoyment on a whole new level. Check out your itinerary.

  • Day 1-Welcome To Colombia MeetUp-Hyatt Regency 14th Floor Infinity Pool (Bring Ya Swimsuit)

  • Dinner on Rooftop Lounge & explore the nightlife of the old city.

  • Day2-Hyatt Hotel breakfast, All-inclusive Yacht Party, Sunset Dinner (1 drink and food included) at a Special location.Late Night Hookah Session Party.

  • Day 3-Cultural Tour around the old city, Beach Club, Salsa Class, House of Cloud Dinner (1 drink & food included), Rooftop Club Party (Bottle Service Provided).

  • Day 4-Private All-Inclusive Yacht Party to different beaches, All-inclusive party bus, and club after.

  • Day 5-Breakfast meet up. Say goodbyes with regrets!

                        WHAT IS INCLUDED YOU ASK? HERE YOU GO.

  • Airport Transfer-Sunset Dinner-Yacht Parties Liquor Included-Cultural Tours-Party Bus-Club Bottle Service-Salsa Class-House of Cloud Dinner-Transportation as a group from clubs to hotel.Let us know the number of people in your party and we will take care of it for you.

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