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We proudly present this amazing Cenote tour, which will take our guests into the mysterious Mayan underworld. Led by our amazing English speaking guides Pako or Bohish, who are some of the region’s most famous Cenote explorers and wildlife conservationists, you you will be taken to an EXCLUSIVE Cenote, called Sac Pool. Equally passionate about Mayan culture and the preservation of jaguars, Pako and Bohish will safely guide you through a labyrinth of wondrous caves and rivers, while sharing their knowledge about the geological phenomenon that took place millions of years ago.

In the interior of the Cenotes, millions of fossilized corals and marine animals have been found, such as prehistoric sharks, whales and even elephants and other prehistoric mammals more than 10,000 years old. The animals that are the easiest to admire without specialized equipment are those who have shells, because when they die, they tend to accumulate and degrade until compacted densely, forming what is known as a calcareous rock.

Hiking through the caverns and caves you may discover these fossilized creatures and come across ancient Mayan artifacts while Pako wistfully explains about their origin, and purpose, making its history come alive in your imagination.



Visit a Private Cenote, without the crowds of mass tourism visitors
This is a Private Tour
Enjoy the passion and knowledge of our experienced English speaking guides
This is a 3 hour tour! Other tours last up to 45 minutes only



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