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You will get an insightful understanding of everyday Japanese customs, including topics that other local guides may not be comfortable letting visitors know about, so please ask me any questions (our guides are super open-minded and present Osaka for what it is: the good, the bad and everything in between)

First you’ll slip through the non-touristy hidden maze of bar/restaurant zones in central Osaka, and even get a short glimpse of a Yakuza clubhouse (it’s safe and we’ll just walk past it).

After check out the traditional Kuromon Ichiba Market seafood market where top chefs continue to shop at everyday.

We’ll contrast that by ducking into quiet cobblestoned back alleys to uncover a mystic temple and its centuries-old unique history, while passing boutique eateries and hidden shops.

Be prepared for a sensory overload as we navigate wacky larger-than-life billboards highlighting modern Japanese culture. You’ll get to hear plenty of interesting stories about Osaka while we amble down the central downtown Dotonbori river….and get some fantastic photo opportunities.

The America town further down the road provides a curious insight of what Japanese people think what America is hahaha.
The retro town of Shinsekai is just as intriguing with its mix of crazy fishing restaurants to its ancient Japanese gaming palors…it provides a lot of nostalgia!

You’ll be dazzled by the retrograde neon all over the city and the exciting nightlife that Osaka is so famous for.
This tour is known for exposing the contrasting faces of Osaka!

Note: You will go to all the above places mentioned on the 3hr tour

Note: On the 4hr tour we will visit all of the above plus 3 extra places: a knife shop (a private demonstation given), go down a plethora of off the beaten paths full of authentic restaurant alleys, full coverage of the Dotonbori River area with more of a deeper insight to Osaka local life.

Note: Osaka Castle will not be visited on this tour (as it take over an 2hr just to view this 12 acre land that Osaka Castle is built on.
I hope our tour is more than memorable!:)



Discover seafood markets where top chefs still source their ingredients
Admire the central, dazzling Dotonbori river with the best photo opportunities
Go to the retro zone where you’ll see so much character in these winding alleys
Marvel at the ancient winding alleys where only locals enjoy & entertain
Be intrigued by Osaka’s America town, or what Japan thinks of America haha


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