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Trek around the Malaysian rainforest in Gunung Panti Recreational Forest reserve. See the natural habitat of the Malayan Tiger, Asiatic Elephant, and Malayan Tapir. Arrive early at the Bunker Trail and hear the dawn chorus. Travel along a 14 km dirt road by car on the lookout for wildlife.

Meet at Desaru Coast as you are picked up by your driver. Go to the rainforest in the morning to hear the birds singing and the whooping calls of the white-handed gibbons. Board a vehicle at the Bunker Trail and slowly drive on this dirt road to see the wildlife. Stop to hike on a jungle trail.

Listen to your nature guide teach you about the plants, insects, and small mammals that you may see. Finish up by returning to Desaru Coast where you will be dropped off.



Listen to the rainforest dawn chorus made up of songbirds, and cicadas
Hear the whooping calls of the white-handed gibbons
Marvel at the natural beauty of the Malaysian rainforest
Sit back as you go for a birdwatching drive along a dirt road
Hike on a quiet jungle trail as your tour guide talks about the wildlife


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