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Your English-speaking LOCAL EXPERT will be waiting for you at your HOTEL or AIRBNB lobby with a smile at 3:30 pm in PLAYA DEL CARMEN. We can change the pickup time if you wish but we recommend these times because we want that you experience the Mayan ceremony at sunset.
Tonight, you will clean your body, you will clear your mind and you will free your spirit. You will experience the cosmic energy and reconnect with yourself and with mother earth. Tonight, you will reincarnate.
Your local expert will answer ALL your questions, he will also give you space to relax and connect with this experience. The van has plenty cold bottles of WATER for you to take.
We will arrive in a local Mayan community that we nicked named “Chukum”. Here, we will step out of the van and we will equip ourselves with our premium quality snorkel equipment and some proof water lamps. To access the cave, we will walk through a small hole in the floor of the jungle, a window into the underground and a door to the Mayan Underworld. We will snorkel in the depths of the jungle to get to know its roots and mysteries; you will see incredible rock formations as you slide through underground tunnels. This is an amazing way to start this mystical experience. If you are more adventurous ask your guide to take you to the secret back side of the cave!
Our guide will make you feel SAFE and PROTECTED at ALL TIMES, if you don’t know how to snorkel he will teach you and even if you are a pro he will give you the best tips to make your experience better.
From the cave, we will drive for 10 minutes through the jungle and we will reach neighbor Mayan community of Sonia. As we arrive, you will see the Shaman and the fire warrior (his assistant) making the last arrangement for your ceremony. But before starting, your local expert will show you one of their houses. You will learn their customs and you will see the instruments that they use in their daily life. When you are ready, start your walk to the circle of fire, this is the place where the Shaman will captivate you with his wisdom and good wishes in a lovely ceremony. The Shaman is an authentic Mayan shaman and does not speak English, so your local expert will be the translator. The ceremony is a moment of reflection.
After the ceremony, the Shaman will ask you to enter the Temazcal. In the darkness you will hear the Shaman chanting and suddenly you will see the fire warrior bringing red burning stones into the Temazcal. When the ceremony ends and the door is opened, the shaman will wipe your sweat by pouring warm water into your body with a jar, from there you will go down to a cenote and while your body is still hot from the Temazcal you will jump into the cool water of the cenote.
Lastly the Mayans have prepared dinner and a charming atmosphere under the sounds of the jungle and the light of the candles, a perfect closing of a magical night.



VIP Private Tour. Just for you. Everything is done at your pace. No rush.
Explore an amazing cave & underground river.
Clear your mind & clean your body in a unique ceremony with Mayan Shaman and mystical Temazcal.



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