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Enjoy this tranquility view as groups, Team building events, Birthday celebrations, a family trips, there is always a reason to see the beauty of nature, especially in this part of the world.
Pre-booked snacks and Beverages, your wish is our command!

Our Bear Watching House provides sleeping-over possibilities,
in case you want to extend, opt for sleeping over instead of an evening trip, you do not have to think of building a tent. Enjoy the evening with different visits from different Bears or other animals, I call it night hunting.

Sit back and let fun and excitement begin, either as a group or a couple stopping by for an evening trip, it is worth your time and money, an absolutely undenied experience It is pure comfort, air-conditioned rooms in the middle of summer or well-heated in the low-temperature season.

Bathrooms: 3 toilet, running water
We have spacious Lavatories, modern with local wood touches.
Clean and kept on our hygiene standards as our priority.



The probability to see and photograph a bear is 90-99 % , depending on the month
Each season about 20-30 bears visit the area
The nearest bear may be a few meters from the house.



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