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If you are a chocolate lover, you have the opportunity to enjoy this extensive educational session about chocolate. On this tour you have the benefits of the plantation tour with additional information from the chocolate experts.

On this tour, the experts will guide you through each one of the steps necessary to make quality cacao. It starts with the sowing, where you can sow your own cacao plant, and continue learning about the harvest, cutting, and extraction of the grains in a cacao pod. Continue with the post-harvest process: fermentation and drying, which are determining factors in the quality of the chocolate. Learn about the Dominican Republic ecosystem and what allows it to have the perfect conditions for growing fine cacao which evolves into the best quality chocolates.

After an excellent local lunch, you attend a session where you learn how to taste chocolate with your five senses. Additionally, you visit another one of the plantations, where you can observe more automated cacao processing at a small scale. You also learn more about the fermentation and drying processes, and their importance in creating gourmet chocolate.



Visit the organic cacao plantation and learn all the secrets hidden behind quality chocolate
Sow your own cacao plant
Follow your sense of smell to the chocolate factory, where you learn about the final process in the making of exquisite chocolate
Learn about Dominican culture in a fun way


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