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Toro Verde Urban Park: Entry with Zipline & Climbing Options

Head to the center of San Juan and entrance to ToroVerde Urban Park. Enjoy hours of safe fun with options for ziplines, rope courses, an amazing arcade, and so much more.


Choose your own experience with the best activities in ToroVerde Urban Park in San Juan. Fly over the lights and landscapes on the Blazing Bull and Sky Bull zip lines, challenge yourself in the Bull Maze, and meet your limit at Pico del Toro climbing wall. Once you arrive at ToroVerde Urban Park, feel the excitement building as you try to decide what to do first. Enjoy feeling completely safe in an adventure park designed to thrill you at every turn.

Try your hand at the Blazing Bull zip line courses as you get into a laying down position and soar between 650 and 900 feet long lines. Start from the launch tower at 120 feet high, then, take off and fly. Watch the giant water fountain burst underneath you, before finding your feet again at The Convention Center, where you can take a second zip line back to the Distrito T-Mobile building.
Try next, the Bull Maze, a labyrinth of ropes and obstacles that make it the largest rope course in all of America. Challenge yourself with an indoor obstacle course, consisting of 41 obstacles for all levels of difficulty.

Then, there’s the Sky Bull. Enjoy 3 different zipline cables in a seated position, between 150 and 400 feet long. Begin at the launch tower at 90 feet high, then fly between ziplines that connect the entire Distrito T-Mobile building. Admire the lights and screens that nightlife brings as you soar.

Last but not least, try out Pico del Toro. As the biggest indoor rock climbing wall in the Caribbean, this attraction is perfect for anyone with the climbing itch. Designed specifically for the park, enjoy multiple levels of difficulty, boost your adrenaline, and have fun.



  • Meet the challenge on the largest rope maze in America, The Bull Maze
  • Develop new skills as you navigate 41 obstacles on an adventure course
  • Feel that you are in another dimension while flying over lights and landscapes
  • Enjoy retro machines and virtual reality at the Arcade
  • Soar from zipline to zipline, taking in the city lights at night, from above


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