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The Escape Game San Antonio

Put your problem-solving skills to the test at The Escape Game in San Antonio. Have fun with family and friends in one of five unique escape room adventures.


Solve puzzles and test your intuition at a live escape room adventure in San Antonio. Choose between five immersive escape rooms and work as a team to complete your mission. Decide on a challenge to tackle with your team. You may find yourself as a spy sent to recover a stolen painting or a falsely accused prisoner determined to break out of jail. Learn the rules of your adventure with the help of a game guide once you arrive. Work together with your team to find clues and solve puzzles within a series of elaborately designed rooms. After emerging victorious, celebrate with a bite to eat at one of the nearby restaurants at The Rim.

Choose your escape adventure:

PRISON BREAK: Your team will be split into two different prison cells and must work together to get out of a 1950s-style prison. A successful escape will include a sneaky trip to the warden’s office. An unsuccessful escape will land you in prison forever.

THE DEPTHS: The brilliant researcher, Dr. Humphreys, has gone missing and there have been rumors of mysterious experiments since his disappearance. It’s up to you to find the underwater lab, decipher Humphreys’ research, and discover what he’s been hiding.

SPECIAL OPS: MYSTERIOUS MARKET: Your routine browsing of a spice market leads to an unexpected discovery… Now you’re left to combat an international crisis that threatens the state of the world as we know it. How deep does this conspiracy go?

PLAYGROUND: Your game will start in a classroom where you’ll have to finish all of your assignments before the end of the day, or you can forget about summer break. And these assignments are unlike anything you actually encountered in school.

GOLD RUSH: The 1800s California gold rush was a time when just about anyone could get lucky with a fortune. No one knew this better than your recently deceased relative, Clyde Hamilton. Though he’s since passed, the prospector left behind quite a pretty penny in gold. As his surviving next of kin, he’s offered you a chance to claim the gold fortune as an inheritance for yourself…if you can find it!



  • Hunt and puzzle your way through tactile tasks to escape your chosen adventure
  • Travel to new worlds and eras through an immersive experience of your choosing
  • Test your problem-solving skills as you decipher challenging puzzles and games
  • Immerse yourself in the action of your own game and become the main character
  • Work with your team to solve problems together, have fun, and bond as a group


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