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San Juan 500 Fest: Guided City Walking Tour and Boat Cruise

Experience 5 centuries of history and culture in San Juan on this walking tour and boat cruise. Learn about the city, explore Fort El Morro, and see highlights like the City Gates and La Fortaleza.


San Juan 500 Fest starts at the meeting point of Plaza Colon where you will encounter with your expert Tour Guide. Will walk & explore the inner city and discover its unique neighborhood. Old San Juan is the oldest city in the U.S. and its territories. Founded in 1521 it has over 500 years of history. Old San Juan is actually an island connected to the main island by bridges on the eastern side. The oldest section is on the west side and walled in on 3 sides. The historic city is divided into seventeen square blocks.The western area of the city contains Paseo de la Princesa, La Fortaleza (Governor’s Mansion) and Fort El Morro.which construction started in 1539 to protect the the city from pirates invasion. Its the oldest area of town where you can find 300-450 year old homes and buildings.



  • Marvel at the 500 year forts by Land & Sea
  • Explore 300-450 year old homes and buildings.
  • Discover historic sites like Fort San Cristobal and the City Gates


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