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There are wine tours and there are wine tours, get on board with us and experience the difference!! Sure, some wine tours will drive you around a few vineyards, but Grape Explorations Australia believes you deserve so much more. As soon as you step into Estella, our luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Lil’Pip, Our Mercedes-Benz Valente, you will know that you are going to be treated to an exceptional day. This is not just a wine tour: it’s a relaxed and sophisticated journey into the gloriousness of our region’s wineries: the countryside, the characters and, of course, the wine.Our hosts have a unique combination of interests and experience and we combine it all to create a power-ball of winery prowess. Local knowledge is not all we bring to the mix: Our hosts have also worked in the retail and entertainment industry so we know how to keep clients happy. Take a Grape Explorations Australia tour and experience the region in a way you will never forget. You deserve it.



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