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Memphis: Entry Ticket to the Edge Motor Museum

Explore automotive history and culture with a visit to the Edge Motor Museum. Get up close to automobiles tracking the story of the American sports car. Experience interactive exhibitions that will engage the whole family.


Discover the rise, boom, plateau, and fall of the American sports car as you follow trends in politics, economics, culture, and technology. See how critical moments of convergence across these four areas influenced what we now regard as archetypes of design and engineering, and use this as a context for where car design is today. Witness how, in just 30 short years, the American sports car became an icon. Make your way through The Edge Motor Museum where the focus is on preservation over restoration. Cars can tell you something about the past, the present. and the world. They are vehicles to history, and reflections of the eras in which they were designed, built, sold, and driven.

This museum is not a personal collection of cars. Each automobile is selected based on its historical and cultural significance. The aim is to educate you about not only these cars but also about what was happening during the time when they were made. America’s obsession with the automobile can be traced back to the first gasoline-powered horseless carriages of the late nineteenth century. Certain cars echo certain moments in time – their styling, speed, and spirit mirroring periods of ease and unease, of peace and upheaval, of sensibility and excess. These cars are vehicles to days gone by and can remind us of our country’s character at different points in time. It’s no wonder we value them so highly and remember them so fondly.



  • Experience American Speed from Postwar to 1974
  • Enjoy interactive exhibitions with the whole family
  • See automobiles selected based on the historical and cultural significance


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